Craig LeBlanc

craig leblanc

North Richland Hills, Texas

Competitive History

  • Former multi-sport athlete in football, baseball, basketball and boxing
  • Nationally qualified NPC heavyweight bodybuilder and classic physique competitor.

Heavyweight Bodybuilder and Classic Physique competitor

[email protected]

Training Style

My training style is highly attentive. I focus on ensuring that my clients utilize the proper mechanics of every movement to prevent injury and to maximize effectiveness. I want to help my clients reach their full potential the right way by setting realistic goals and progressing as naturally as possible.

How Craig Stays Sharp

I research published materials and case studies on a regular basis. I stay up to date on fitness literature and prioritize collaborating with my fellow trainers and other health professionals to build an expansive knowledge base. I also love to keep in top shape and test myself every day so that I can draw from my personal experiences when working with clients.

What to Expect

Every one of my clients can expect accountability, undivided attention and respect. I always put forth my best effort to help my clients maximize their results.


You can reach Craig at [email protected] or ask for him at the gym (hours may vary).