Kim Santos

Kim Santos

Customized Health and Fitness programs
Contest Prep Posing

2015 Dallas Europa, 2015 Dallas Pro, 2015 San Antonio Wings of Strength, 2015 Dallas JTF, 2015 Miami Florida National Championship, 2016 Dallas Phil Heath, 2016 Pittsburgh National
Championships “1st New IFBB Pro,” 2017 Dallas Europa Pro Debut



Kim is not just a trainer, but he competes as an IFBB Pro in Men’s Physique. Being a professional athlete gives him the ability to specialize contest prep and posing. Kim also customizes Health and Fitness programs for anyone who is trying to get that Better Body. Kim is known for being very encouraging, motivating, and tough, and he does it with a smile on his face.

Keeping up with training knowledge
I am currently continuing my education through courses, to learn and add new fitness qualifications, from nutrition to wellness. Listening to fitness blogs for a perfect daily dose of wisdom, insight and inspiration. I use Facebook and Twitter for connecting with other trainer and industry leaders. Youtube is also a good tool to keep up with industry trainers and athletes. I also use website “Fitness Research”, which covers the latest research that I can apply to my training program. I’m encouraging, motivating, and tough, and I do it with a smile on my face.

Client expects from me
My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning towards enhancing the client’s well-being. Empowering with the knowledge, skills, and resources through support and encouragement, is a foundation on their journey to a healthier life. I’m encouraging, motivating, and tough, and I do it with a smile on my face. Together we will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular fitness activities and the integration of guided fitness programs, to make your health goals become a reality, in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.